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And we thought publishing the book would be the hard part!

Marie Deatherage

Well, that's not quite what I mean. I guess we thought publishing the book would be the part that required the most time and energy. And in many ways it did, but by now we know the marketing and promotion phase can be equally challenging.

Maybe it's a sign of our amateur status, but when a store buys books from us, we are so thrilled and excited that we find ourselves becoming promoters of that store. We become loyal to them for believing in us. We send people to them. And we jump for joy when they sell out and order more. It kinda feels like a sweet little village where we are all on the same team. Our success happens when their success happens.

Honestly, I have to hold myself back from doing a circuit of stores to stand in front of the books on display and talking them up to customers, offering to autograph one if they buy it. I actually did that in Costco last week until I felt I was beginning to embarrass my husband (who is our biggest fan.)

Except for the larger concerns who actually have a procedure for applying to be in their stores (like Powell's, New Seasons, Made in Oregon and Costco), we usually just show up and show the book to someone in a store and try to pique their interest. When the decision maker is absent, we leave a book with a letter and hope to hear from them. 

What really amazes us is that most stores say yes. We haven't had to deal with much rejection yet. Well, some. But not enough to bring tears. Yet. :-)

We've sold about half the 2,500 we printed in the first two months. That seems pretty good for amateurs who are learning as they go, don't you think?

We'll be selling and autographing books at the NW Quilt Expo at the Portland Expo Center September 24th through 26th. Would love to meet you there! We're also doing a presentation and signing at the Stitching Post in Sisters for a quilt group in mid-September. 

We've applied to some other events and venues and we'll report back if and when we are accepted.

Okay, so it's Labor Day and I need to ask myself why I am sitting here laboring. :-0  Hope yours is restful and wonderful.